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Event Photographer

Roaming event photographer walks around to take candid shots and all happening activities 

at you event.  A professional photographer with shooting experience. Unlimited shots for standard full event coverage. 




1. Appointment must be made to secure available slots. Please place booking or call at least a week earlier before selfie at our studio.

2. Please consult us if you are bringing pets. You are responsible to clean up any messes caused by your pets. 

3. You may bring along all costumes according to your planned theme. Or you can purchase or rent from our premium collection. 

4. We provide standard props and costumes. You can view in our collection albums. 

5. Students may bring along your student card to enjoy 10% OFF all stated rates. 

6. Family with kids, Couple, Adults at all ages are welcome to selfie at our studio. 

7. 50% booking deposit is required to secure your hourly slot. This is in case of no-show. The deposit is non-refundable. The        remaining balance is to be paid on your selfie day.